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Sight is a precious gift which many of us take for granted. It is important to have regular eye tests for early detection of potential issues. For most people, it is recommended to have a 30-minute eye test at least every two years. Some of us may need to be tested more often if we have particular Eye Conditions or if we’re over 40. If you have a family, why not get tested at the same time, so you’ll all have the chance to see more clearly.
The damage UV rays cause is often irreversible! These harmful rays from the sun also reflect off surfaces such as water, sand and snow and the damage they cause has been linked to cataracts, conjunctival changes, and cancers on the eyelid. With UV radiation in Australia being amongst the most intensive in the world, wearing sunglasses has become recognised as extremely important to prevent many Eye Conditions , even on cloudy days.

Sunglasses vary in quality enormously, with some sunglasses providing only a small amount of UV protection. At Eyecatch we only provide sunglasses which rate equal or above the Australian minimum Sunglass Standards for UV protection – Category 1 and 2. If you wear prescription glasses, please remember that most sunglasses can be fitted with prescription lenses and they’re 100% UV protected, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for perfect vision.

Eyes love a diet rich in antioxidants and omega oils so try to maintain a diet which includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, oily fish and eggs. A healthy diet may reduce the likelihood of dry eyes and macular degeneration. Regular exercise is also linked to healthy eyes, even it’s just a brisk walk around the block. So, eat well and exercise regularly!
Working for hours on a computer, tablet or mobile phone can lead to computer eye strain, as they’re fixed on the screen at a specific distance for long periods. Take a few moments to refresh your eyes by following our tips. If you still find that your eyes are tired and sore at the end of the day, it might be time for an eye test, even if you’re not due for one. Put a reminder on your computer to take a 2-3 minute break from the screen every 45 minutes.

Blink frequently, as it helps you avoid dry eyes and irritation Order anti-reflective coating on your glasses to minimise glare Avoid lighting that’s in your direct line of sight or reflects off the screen Place any reference or reading material at the same distance as your screen so your eyes don’t have to readjust.

It’s worth giving your eyes some gentle exercise too. Routine 1 – High, Low: Keeping your back and neck straight, and your head still, look as high as possible, then look down. Repeat this 10 times, then close and rest your eyes for about 30 seconds Routine 2 – Left, Right: Keeping your eyes wide open, look as far to the right as possible, then to the left. Again, repeat 10 times, then close and rest your eyes for 30 seconds.

Some conditions can be genetic so it is important inform your optometrist if any family members had any vision disorders. For example: Achromatopsia can be inherited from both parents, resulting in decreased vision, sensitivity to light and losing colour from your vision. Tinted lenses can help alleviate the sensitivity. Colour blindness – a misleading term as people called colour ‘blind’ are actually colour vision deficient. There’s no treatment and the majority of people adjust to the condition. It affects approximately 1 in 10 men, with women rarely affected.

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