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Standard Comprehensive Test

This standard eye test is bulk billable and includes a vision and health examination, required to provide you with a prescription, vision advice as well as appropriate spectacles or contact lenses subjected to your Medicare eligibility. Our specialist optometrists will examine the vision of your eyes at various distances to obtain your optimum prescription as well as advise you on suitable lens types and eyecare tips. The general health of the eyes will be examined according to specific symptoms, age and visual requirements.

Time: 20-30 minutes

Cost: Full bulk billed for eligible Medicare card holders*. Or $35 for non-Medicare or ineligible patients.

Standard Comprehensive Test

Builds on our standard comprehensive test to include Visual Field Screening and a Digital Retinal Scan as required. Our optometrist will advise you during the standard comprehensive test if you require this supplementary health test.

Time: 25-35 minutes

Cost: Full bulk billed for eligible Medicare card holders*. Or $30 for non-Medicare or ineligible patients.

Premium Vision and Health Package

Include benefits from all the previous tests, scans and screenings, with the added reassurance of an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) exam which creates 3D images of the tissues and structures within the eyes to allow increased accuracy when identifying complications and even allows for cell count estimates of the retina. This drastically increase the likelihood for early detection of eye conditions, especially when comparing scan results from prior years as our optometrists will be able to detect subtle changes in your eyes.

Time: 20-40 minutes

Cost: Partially bulk billed for eligible Medicare card holders*. Includes a $30 gap for all patients who take an OCT exam.

Terms and Conditions
*Under Australian statutory regulation Medicare patients are only eligible for a comprehensive vision and health test every 3 years for people under 65 years; and every year for people over 65 years. However subsequent consultations are generally bulk billable for either a vision and/or health test as required. Non-eligible Medicare patients may incur additional costs depending on the required tests.

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